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To celebrate almost 50 years of history, Telasul has grown and reinvented itself. Meet Thela: a new brand, but one that is already part of our family. They are modern products that bring more beauty and practicality to your home and will delight you with the personality of wooden kitchens. Discover a new way to decorate your kitchen and spice up your routine with more style and well-being.
for your life.
for your home.


Thela operates on the strong basis of a series of commitments renewed daily by its team. Allied to the objective of developing solutions that bring beauty and functionality to homes throughout Brazil, the company expresses principles that are strongly present in its culture.
  • Produce efficient kitchens for our customers live better.
  • Be recognized as the brand with the most beautiful modular kitchens in Brazil.  
  • Maximize value for shareholders, shopkeepers and consumers; Productive and happy people; Innovative posture; Ethics and professionalism.

Our story

Thela is the answer of Telasul to the world which is always reinventing itself. A young brand that already exalts the family tradition.
  • Jan 2020
  • Jun 2020
  • Dez 2020
  • Jul 2021
Jan 2020

We arrive

From the knowledge and passion for kitchens of Telasul, Thela is born. An innovative, creative and passionate wood kitchen brand.
Jun 2020

For your life, for your home

We understood the needs of our customers and adopted the campaign planned for your life, ready for your home.
Dez 2020

We are On

We connected our brand to the main marketplaces in Brazil, offering the public easier purchase and products direct from the factory.
Jul 2021

New models

We launched new kitchen models diversifying the options in our catalog. 

Planned for your life,
ready for your home

Thela develops modern products with personality which brings more beauty and practicality to your home!
Technology planned
for your life
Renew the air and transform your home into what you always dreamed of